About our creative family


We create new ones. We restore the forgotten.

Studio 355 Halina Gadomska-Brzóska, JB 355 Manufaktura and Vzornik Aleksandra Wesołowska (Brzóska) are brands created individually, but having their roots in the closest family members.


We are individualists, we have our preferences and preferences. We share a passion for applied art and design, graphic and architectural design. Each of us had a different educational path and both theoretical and practical experiences.

We love painting - but we have different experiences and favorite styles here.

However, it all connects - it does not divide.

We believe that the creation of a good product - venture is possible only thanks to passion and creative synergy.

Aleksandra Wesołowska (Brzóska) Vzornik

Artist - pseudonym Aleksandra Birch, author of atmospheric illustrations and projects that have found their place in numerous products of applied art.

A graduate of Design at the Pedagogical University  in Krakow and Krakow Art Schools.



Halina Gadomska-Brzóska

- more about me:

- where is the most on my way?

  to Cieszyn Castle



- where am I from?

  from Katowice in Upper Silesia

- my seats?

- Bielsko-Biała,

- Cieszyn,

- Oldenburg,

- Coburg.

Halina Gadomska Brzoska Silesian Ikon 19

Jacek Brzóska JB355 Manufaktura

Mentor - Head of the Family and "The Handyman"
with practical and artistic skills and engineering education. 

It is in his studio that unique elements of interior design are created.